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Loch of the Lowes Nest Stats  -  2023

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Friday 17th March 

Blue NC0 returns, 7.43am, then LM12 returns, 1.43pm

Tuesday 4th April 

Egg #1 laid 9.32am

Friday 7th April 

Egg #2 seen 9.39am

Monday 10th April 

Egg #3 seen 9.10am

Saturday 13th May 

Chick #1 hatches (? egg #2) Clear of shell 12.11pm

Sunday 14th May 

Concerns about LM12 who is frequently missing and has provided no fish for several days, leading to suggestions he has met with some kind of injury

Monday 15th May 

LM12 delivered a fish yesterday evening. Chick was seen being fed early this morning. A second fish delivery at 11.23am and chick gets another feed. LM12 appears back to his normal self

Tuesday 16th May 

Chick #2 hatches 4.19am (? egg #3)

Thursday 22nd June


Blue/white PF4 (F)
Darvic left leg, BTO ring right leg
Weight:  1850g  Wing length:  ? mm

Blue/white PF5 (M)
Darvic left leg, BTO ring right leg
Weight:  1200g  Wing length:  ? mm 

Sunday 9th July 

PF4 fledges 10.07am

Thursday 13th July 

PF5 fledges c9.48am

Saturday 15th July 

Blue NC0 last seen

Friday 28th July 

Blue PF5 last seen

Sunday 6th August 

LM12 last seen

Monday 7th August 

Blue PF4 last seen