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Loch of the Lowes Nest Stats  -  2015

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Saturday 21st March

Resident male, seen fishing in loch early evening, visiting nest from early hours onward following morning

Tuesday 31st March

Unidentified, unringed female arrives on nest at 4.25pm. She bears striking similarities to Lady but appears a far younger bird. Comparisons have been made with the female who visited in 2013 prior to Lady's return. After initial hostility from the male they later settle down and mate. Loch of the Lowes staff have since given this unringed female an ID - LF15 and the resident male, known as 'Laddie' by many, an ID of LM12

Friday 3rd April

LM12 and LF15 continue to bond. He keeps her well supplied with fish and they are seen to mate regularly. Initially she had chosen to roost on the nest overnight, as Lady preferred to do, but this only lasts a short time.

Saturday 11th April

All appears quite settled with the new couple until along come intruders to upset the applecart. A male and female yesterday and the same female again today.


Three is a crowd, four is a mob

Tuesday 14th April

Egg #1 laid c8.51pm

Friday 17th April

Egg #2 laid 2.36pm

Monday 20th April

Egg #3 laid 12.38pm

Friday 22nd May

Egg #1 hatches, seen c8.38am (37days 12hrs)

Saturday 23rd May

Egg #2 hatches 8.08am (35days 17hrs)

At 7pm there is a report of a crack in egg #3. It is thought to be hatching, though still only 33days old

Sunday 24th May

On examination of screen captures and video footage during the day, egg #3 is seen to have become encased in half an empty eggshell which has given the appearance of cracks. By about 9.20pm the egg has worked free of its partial shell 'jacket' and appears intact

Monday 25th May

Egg #3 hatches c4.53pm (35days 4hrs)

Monday 29th June

Ringing and Tagging

Blue/white FR2 (?)
Darvic left leg, BTO ring right leg

Blue/white FR3 (?M)
Darvic left leg, BTO ring right leg
Satellite Tagged

Blue/white FR4 (?F)
Darvic left leg, BTO ring right leg
Satellite Tagged

See:  ringing of the chicks 

[NB Age order of chicks at ringing unknown. Listed in numerical order of Darvics]

Sunday 12th July

Blue FR3 fledges at 4.24pm followed by Blue FR2 at 5.36pm

Sunday 19th July

Blue FR4 fledges at 3.36pm

Friday 7th August

LF15 last seen am

cMonday 17th August

Blue FR2 last seen date not verified so this entry is an approximation

Tuesday 18th August

Blue FR3 starts migration

Monday 31st August

LM12 last seen

Tuesday 1st September

Blue FR4 starts migration am