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Orange VS

Henry (foreground) and EJ


Loch Garten Nest Stats  -  2007

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Wednesday 4th April

EJ returns at 4.55pm

Thursday 5th April

OVS returns at dawn

Wednesday 18th April

Egg #1 seen at 12.30pm

Saturday 21st April

Egg #2 seen at 11.45am

Sunday 22nd April

Henry returns at 2.30pm

Kicks both eggs out of nest

Tuesday 24th April

Egg #3 seen at 8.50am

Egg #4 seen before 10.50am

Henry kicks both eggs out of the nest before 11.30am

Friday 11th May

Egg #1 (second clutch) seen at 5.00am

Monday 14th May

Egg #2 (second clutch) seen am

Wednesday 16th May

Egg #3 (second clutch) seen in evening

Thursday 14th June

Egg #1 hatches, first seen at 4.55pm (34 days)

Friday 15th June

Chick #1 dies, early morning

Saturday 16th June

Egg #2 hatches, first seen at 10.45pm (33 days)

Monday 18th June

Chick #2 dies

Wednesday 20th June

Chick #3 dead in shell at 5.30pm (35 days)

Sunday 19th August

EJ last seen

Sunday 26th August

Henry last seen

View from Rothiemurchus Fish Farm

Loch Garten

EJ on nest