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Loch Garten Nest Stats  -  2010

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Friday 26th March

EJ returns at 2.07pm

Saturday 3rd April

Odin returns c7.30pm

Thursday 15th April

Egg #1 seen 8.12pm

Sunday 18th April

Egg #2 seen 11.00am

Wednesday 21st April

Egg #3 seen 6.35am

Friday 21st May

Egg #1 hatches 11.41pm (36 days)

Sunday 23rd May

Egg #2 hatches 7.00am (35 days)

Wednesday 26th May

Egg #3 hatches 4.51am (35 days)

Thursday 3rd June

Odin seen to feed chicks for first time c3.12pm

Sunday 27th June

EJ starts fishing (eldest chick 37 days old)

EJ Fishing Stats

Saturday 10th July

Decision confirmed that plans for ringing/tagging abandoned. Safe time-slot ran out due to exceptionally windy weather.

Sunday 11th July

Chick #1 fledges approx 3.30pm (51 days)

Friday 16th July

Chick#2 fledges 7.30pm (54 days)

Monday 19th July

Chick#3 fledges 6.54pm (54 days)

Saturday 14th August

Juvenile #1 last seen (85 days)

Saturday 21st August

EJ last seen at 8.00am

Wednesday 25th August

Odin last seen

Juveniles #2 and #3 last seen (94 and 91 days)