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Loch Garten Nest Stats  -  2005

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Friday 25th March

Female Green 7B visits Loch Garten 3 times

Tuesday 29th March

EJ arrives at 4.45pm

Monday 4th April

Orange VS arrives at 11.06am

Thursday 14th April

Orange VS attacked by intruder at 7.40pm and he disappears

Friday 15th April

Egg # 1 is thought to have been laid at 5.30pm though not seen until 8am next day

Sunday 17th April

Red 8T fights rival male

Monday 18th April

Egg #2 laid at 4.30pm

Monday 25th April

Egg #3 seen

Monday 25th April

Henry returns at 10.29am

Tuesday 26th April

Henry kicks eggs out of nest

Saturday 30th April

Egg #4 laid at 1.10pm and Henry goes missing

Monday 2nd May

Henry returns, kicks out egg which remains ignored on rim of nest. EJ disappears for nine days

Wednesday 11th May

New pair Red 4Y and unringed female occupy nest briefly then Henry and EJ arrive back at 3.10pm

Thursday 18th August

EJ seen for last time

Monday 29th August

Henry seen for last time at ?2.45pm