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Loch Garten Nest Stats  -  2004

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Thursday 25th March

White EJ returns at 4.05pm

Saturday 27th March

A male osprey, ringed Orange VS arrives and White EJ allows him to mate without courtship. It is discovered that he is her old mate from her previous nest.

Thursday 1st April

In Orange VS' absence an unringed male, thought to be a different one than Henry ousted in 2003, lands on the nest with a fish and mates with White EJ. He stays around until dusk, then leaves.

Friday 2nd April

Unringed male returns early afternoon and once again remains unchallenged until dusk.

Saturday 3rd April

Just after dawn, three intruding ospreys appear above nest, Orange VS and then White EJ join them without aggression and they drift out of sight. White EJ returns at approx 9.50am when she is repeatedly divebombed by another female osprey for around 10 mins. White EJ stands her ground and then takes off after her attacker. An hour later she is back and again within 30 seconds is subjected to more attacks. Yet again, she eventually takes flight chasing the intruding female out of sight just after 11 am.

11.23am Henry returns briefly. White EJ returns at 3.30pm and Henry arrives with a fish at 5pm, eats the head and delivers it to White EJ. Seconds later a male osprey appears above the nest, displaying. Henry chases it off.

Sunday 4th April

White EJ goes missing for 24 hours, following a male osprey that had circled the nest.

Tuesday 6th April

White EJ unsettled by three male ospreys fighting above nest, she takes off and is pursued by them. She again goes missing for over 24 hours.

Saturday 17th April

The battle between White EJ and the female who has persistently attacked her at dawn for well over a week culminates in 3 separate attacks during the morning, of great ferocity. At 3.15pm White EJ removes a broken egg from the nest. It is thought to have been laid that morning.

Tuesday 20th April

After spending the last 3 days sitting on the edge of the nest White EJ crouches in the centre and later appears to be turning an egg. Henry takes over incubation duties after delivering a fish. Egg-laying confirmed that night when White EJ spends her first night on the nest.

Wednesday 5th May

Egg count confirms THREE eggs.

Wednesday 26th May

After much deliberation, White EJ is now officially named 'EJ'

Chick #1 hatches.

Friday 28th May

Chick #2 hatches.

Monday 31st May

Chick #3 hatches.

[Later to be nicknamed 'Baldrick' by volunteers and staff at LG. Bullied by his siblings he had to hatch 'cunning plans' to get fed]

Monday 5th July


Yellow 27 (F) (40 days)
Darvic ring left leg, BTO ring right leg

Yellow 29 (?) (38 days)
Darvic ring left leg, BTO ring right leg

Yellow 28 (M) (35 days)
Darvic ring left leg, BTO ring right leg

Saturday 17th July

Yellow 27 fledges (52 days)

EJ starts fishing (eldest juvenile 52 days old)

EJ Fishing Stats

Thursday 22nd July

Yellow 29 fledges (55 days)

Tuesday 3rd August

Yellow 28 fledges (64 days)

Tuesday 10th August

EJ last seen.

Friday 13th August

Yellow 27 last seen (79 days)

Saturday 28th August

Yellow 29 last seen (92 days)

Sunday 12th September

Henry and Yellow 28 (104 days) last seen.