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Sandpoint Nest Stats  -  2018

Times = Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

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Sunday 8th April

Pete returns at 7.42am

Monday 9th April

Sandy returns at 2.37pm

Saturday 28th April

Egg #1 laid, 11.43pm

Tuesday 1st May

Egg #2 laid, 7.20pm

Friday 4th May

Egg #3 laid, 6.10pm

Wednesday 6th June

Chick #1 hatches, 9.40am

Thursday 7th June

Chick #2 hatches, 1.38am

Saturday 9th June

Chick #3 hatches, 2.26pm

Sunday 5th August

Chick #3 fledges between 6.36 and 6.50am (57 days)

Tuesday 7th August

Chick #1 fledges, 7.41am (62 days)

Sunday 12th August

Chick #2 fledges sometime before 5.42am (66 days)

Friday 7th September

Sandy last seen on nest

Monday 10th September

Pete and Chick #2 (95 days) last seen on nest

[As Chick #2 has been keeping Chicks #1 and #3 away from the nest it is not known when either of them migrated]