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Sandpoint Nest Stats  -  2017

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Tuesday 4th April

Sandy returns, 6.08pm

Friday 7th April

Pete returns, 12.17pm

Monday 1st May

Egg #1 laid, 6.20pm

Friday 5th May

Pete brought in what looked to be a dried out potted plant, minus the pot. The large rootball unfortunately completely covered and buried egg #1. So far, no amount of moving or digging at the root ball has succeeded in unearthing the egg. A storm reduced the rootball in size a little and Sandy spread the dried plant material over the nest.

Saturday 6th May

Egg #2 laid somewhere between 10.30pm Friday 5th May and 3.13am this morning

Tuesday 9th May

Egg #3 laid between midnight and 8am

Sunday 11th June

Egg #2 (Huckleberry) hatches 11.30am

Wednesday 14th June

Egg #3 (Spud) hatches 5.20pm

Saturday 5th August

Huckleberry fledges 9.11am

Wednesday 9th August

Spud fledges 5.55am

Thursday 24th August

Pete last seen

Sunday 10th September

Huckleberry last seen

Saturday 16th September

Sandy and Spud last seen