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Rutland Osprey Project
Manton Bay Nest Stats  -  2024

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Tuesday 12th March

Maya returns, 3.58pm

Wednesday 13th March

Blue 33 returns, 3.25pm

Thursday 14th March

Blue 25 intrudes on the nest as usual on her return from migration. No drama

Saturday 30th March

Egg #1 laid, 1.58pm

[Unringed intruder around. Lands on nest prior to egg being laid. Chased off by Blue 33 who then returns and remains with Maya as she lays the egg]

Tuesday 2nd April

Egg #2 laid, 1.34pm

Friday 5th April

Egg #3 laid, 11.06am

Sunday 5th May

Maya removed an egg from nest at 10.50am and flew away with it. Reason currently unknown but most likely damaged in some way.

Friday 10th May

Chick #1 hatches c11.20pm

[Remaining egg subsequently fails to hatch]

Wednesday 15th May

Chick flipped from the nest cup by a flapping fish. Returned to nest bowl by Rutland Osprey Project

Wednesday 19th June


Chick  (M)
Darvic ring right leg, Blue/White 1R0
BTO ring left leg   No. 1269435
Weight: 1580g   Wing: 348mm

Wednesday 3rd July

Blue 1R0 fledges, c8.07am