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Rutland Osprey Project
Manton Bay Nest Stats  -  2022

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Tuesday, 15th March

Maya returns, 10.21am

Monday, 21st March

Blue 33 returns, 5.29pm

Thursday, 31st March

Egg #1 laid, 11.30pm

Sunday, 3rd April

Egg #2 laid, 6.31pm

Wednesday, 6th April

Egg #3 laid, c 8.30pm

Monday, 9th May

Chick #1 first seen, c10.45pm

Tuesday, 10th May

Chick #2 hatches, c12.30pm

Wednesday, 11th May

Early this morning a live fish brought to the nest flapped on top of the chicks and remaining egg with the result that one of the chicks was flipped out of the nest cup and left exposed to wet weather for a few hours.

Both chicks have since been brooded and fed.

Thursday, 12th May

Chick #3 hatches, 9.30am

Monday 20th June


Chick #1  (F) (42 days)
Darvic ring right leg, Blue/White 1H1
BTO ring left leg   No. 1380169
Weight: 1830g   Wing: 366mm

Chick #2   (F) (41 days)
Darvic ring right leg, Blue/White 1H2
BTO ring left leg   No. 1380170
Weight: 1830g   Wing: 358mm

Chick #3   (F) (39 days)
Darvic ring right leg, Blue/White 1H3
BTO ring left leg   No. 1380171
Weight: 1770g   Wing: 332mm

For further info, see: Ringing Manton Bay Chicks 

Saturday, 2nd July

Blue 1H1 fledges, 5.34am (54 days)

Sunday, 3rd July

Blue 1H3 fledges just after midday (52 days)

Monday, 4th July

Blue 1H2 fledges, 9.06am (55 days)

Monday, 8th August

Blue 1H2 last seen (90 days)

Friday, 12th August

Blue 1H3 last seen (92 days)

Sunday, 28th August

Blue 1H1 last seen (111 days)

Thursday, 1st September

Maya last seen

Saturday, 3rd September

Blue 33 last seen