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Rutland Osprey Project
Manton Bay Nest Stats  -  2021

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Friday 19th March

Blue 33 returns at 12.29pm followed by Maya at 12.56pm. They lose no time in getting reacquainted

Tuesday 30th March

Egg #1 laid 11.45am

Friday 2nd April

Egg #2 laid c6.00am

Monday 5th April

Egg #3 laid 7.05am

Saturday 8th May

Chick #1 hatches pm (time to be confirmed but seen to be completely clear of shell c 7.50pm)

Monday 10th May

Chick #2 hatches 7.48pm

(One of the eggs got damaged and subsequently fails to hatch)

Saturday 19th June


Chick #1  (M)
Darvic ring right leg, Blue/White 096
BTO ring left leg   No. 1474900
Weight: 1540g   Wing: 330mm

Chick #2   (F)
Darvic ring right leg, Blue/White 095
BTO ring left leg   No. 1474899
Weight: 1650g   Wing: 352mm

See: Ringing of Manton Bay Chicks 

Thursday 1st July

Blue 096 fledges 12.12pm

Friday 2nd July

Blue 095 fledges 11.12am

Sunday 22nd August

Blue 095 last seen 9.10am and Blue 096 9.13am

Monday 30th August

Maya last seen

Tuesday 31st August

Blue 33 last seen