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Rutland Osprey Project
Manton Bay Nest Stats  -  2018

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Monday 12th March

Maya is seen to land on the nest at around 11.55am. She leaves and quickly returns with a large fish

Wednesday 14th March

An unidentified blue ringed (right leg) male osprey lands on the nest around 6pm. From subsequent behaviour he appears to be Maya's regular mate, Blue 33

Thursday 15th March

Male confirmed to be Blue 33

Wednesday 28th March

Egg #1 first seen 6.09 am

Saturday 31st March

Egg #2 first seen around 5.30 am

5N (04) intrudes later in the morning. Interested in the fish 33 brought in for Maya. She is unlucky!

Tuesday 3rd April

Egg #3 laid, 1.46 am

Saturday 5th May

Chick #1 hatches 4.34pm

Sunday 6th May

Chick #2 hatches shortly before noon (time to be confirmed)

Tuesday 8th May

Chick #3 hatches c1.30pm (time to be confirmed)

Wednesday 16th May

Chick #3 dies overnight after having struggled out from under a large clump of hay delivered by 33

See:  Down to Two

Friday 15th June


Blue/white 3AW (F)
Darvic right leg, BTO ring left leg

Blue/white 3AU (M)
Darvic right leg, BTO ring left leg

Tuesday 26th June

Blue 3AU fledges, 8.50am

Wednesday 27th June

Blue 3AW fledges just before 12 noon

Thursday 19th July

Blue 3AW last seen c6.50am

Monday 13th August

Blue 3AU goes missing, thought to have migrated

Saturday 18th August

Blue 3AU returns to the nest at 5.30pm

Saturday 25th August

Blue 3AU last seen

Friday 31st August

Maya last seen at 10.20am

Monday 3rd September

Blue 33 last seen c10am