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Rutland Osprey Project
Manton Bay Nest Stats  -  2017

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Wednesday 22nd March

Blue 33(11) returns, just after 10am.

Blue 1J(13) had visited the nest shortly before 33's arrival, then Green 5N(04) dropped in on 33 around 10.45am, causing much mantling.

Maya returns, 1.38pm

Tuesday 4th April

Egg #1 laid, 3.15pm

Friday 7th April

Egg #2 laid, 11.11am

Monday 10th April

Egg #3 laid 7.02am

Thursday 13th April

Egg #4 laid. Reported as seen at 12.24pm

Tuesday 25th April

Two-year-old female returnee, Blue S6(15), intrudes in the bay, landing on the nest at 1.31pm. She is ejected almost immediately. She remains in the vicinity for a short time until Maya chases her away

Thursday 11th May

Returning 2-year-old, Blue S1, pays a brief visit to mum and dad at 2.30pm. He fledged the Manton Bay nest in 2015

Friday 12th May

Egg #1 hatches, 11.38am (37 days 20 hrs)

Saturday 13th May

Egg #2 hatches around 9.44am (35 days 23 hrs)

Sunday 14th May

Chick #2 dies during the evening. Chick seen to have stopped moving around 10.34pm

Tuesday 16th May

Egg #3 hatches early am (35 days 23 hrs)

Friday 19th May

Egg #4 hatched yesterday evening at 8.04pm (35 days 8 hrs) but sadly did not survive. By 06.30 this morning the chick had died

Wednesday 21st June


Blue/white 2AN (F)
Darvic right leg, BTO ring left leg

Blue/white 2AM (M)
Darvic right leg, BTO ring left leg

Thursday 6th July

2AN fledges, 10.14am (55 days)

Friday 7th July

2AM fledges, 9.26am (52 days)

Saturday 29th July

2AN last seen sometime am

Sunday 20th August

2AM last seen shortly after 7am

Sunday 27th August

Maya last seen, 11.30am

Saturday 2nd September (?)

Blue 33 last seen