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Rutland Osprey Project
Manton Bay Nest Stats  -  2016

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Monday 21st March

Maya returns, 6.39am

Tuesday 22nd March

5N(04) flies in, steals remains of Maya's large trout while she is off the nest


Settling in

Sunday 27th March

Blue 33(11) returns, 3.30pm

Monday 4th April

Egg #1 laid, c7.20pm

Thursday 7th April

Egg #2 laid, just after 4.00pm

Sunday 10th April

Egg #3 laid, observed 2.22pm

Saturday 14th May

One egg is seen to be hatching at 8.22am, fully hatched late morning, followed by a second hatching around 6pm. Not clear which egg hatched first.

Monday 16th May

Egg #3 hatches (35days 18hrs) Chick first seen 8.19am

Friday 24th June


Blue/white T6 (F)
Darvic right leg, BTO ring left leg

Blue/white T7 (F)
Darvic right leg, BTO ring left leg

Blue/white T8 ( M)
Darvic right leg, BTO ring left leg

Monday 4th July

Blue T7 fledges 2.50pm (51 days)

Wednesday 6th July

Blue T6 fledges 12.57pm (53 days)

Thursday 7th July

Blue T8 fledges c10.15am (52 days)

Sunday 17th July

Blue T6 in trouble

See:   concern over T6

Monday 18th July

Update on T6

See:   a slow improvement

Tuesday 19th July

Maya feeds T6

See:   getting better

Thursday 21st July

T6 continues to improve, starts to feed herself. Maya goes fishing

See:   wild child

Saturday 30th July

Blue T6 goes AWOL, last seen 7.30am

Tuesday 2nd August

Blue T6 returns to the nest around 8.00pm. Not known where she has been

Monday 15th August

Blue T6 last seen (93days)

Thursday 18th August

Blue T7 last seen 9.50am (96days)

Wednesday 24th August

Blue T8 last seen c10.00am (100days)

Tuesday 6th September

Maya last seen 8.40am

Thursday 8th September

Blue 33 last seen 10.00am