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Manton Bay Nest Stats  -  2015

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Friday 27th March

Female 5N(04) arrives back at Rutland. First osprey of the year to land on the Manton Bay nest, which she does at 12.51pm

[Before her arrival, a pair of Egyptian geese had taken up residence on the nest. They continue to visit frequently when there are no ospreys around, excavating quite a hole in readiness for eggs]

Saturday 28th March

Female 25(10) puts in a brief appearance on nest around 2.40pm. She had returned to Rutland the previous week

Sunday 29th March

Male 28(10) arrives back at Rutland. Sits on the leaning perch in Manton Bay for a while before landing on nest at around 5.20pm

Monday 30th March

Busy day in the bay. Three ospreys around. 28(10) arrives first at 10.00am. Carries a fish to the T-perch where he stays for a couple of hours.

At 1.00pm 5N(04) flies in, lands on nest and sits for around 15 mins whilst 28(10) is still on the T-perch eating his fish. 28(10) then leaves the perch and circles the nest. 5N(04) watches him for a few minutes then flies off the nest. Both circle together then settle side by side on the T-perch.

25(10) appears and the three of them do a fly around between nest and perch. Landing, then taking off again.

At around 2.30pm 28(10) flies over and attempts to mate with 25(10) who was at that time sitting on the nest. Unsuccessful attempt, but 25(10) appears receptive.

Around 3.15pm both females depart leaving 28(10) alone in the bay.

Tuesday 31st March

28(10) visits nest around 11.00am. Very windy day. He nearly gets blown off the nest so departs soon after

Thursday 2nd April

Satellite tracked female, 30(05) , returns to Rutland. Lands on nest around 11.45am for a few minutes before heading off to the fish farm

Sunday 5th April

Egyptian goose lays an egg in the nest, seen early this morning and since covered with bedding

Three ospreys reported in the bay today, 30(05), 28(10) and an unidentified, unringed female. None of which land on the nest

Goose egg predated by crows c6.50pm

Sunday 5th April

Manton Bay resident female, Maya, is spotted at Rutland though has not yet visited her nest

Monday 6th April

Maya's partner from last year, Blue 33(11), returns around 9.00am and a battle with the geese commences. About 3.00pm Maya joins 33 on the nest, having been seen around earlier in the day.

Full story here:

Reunited in the Bay

Saturday 11th April

Returning Rutland born male, 51(11), intrudes at Manton Bay nest during morning. Apart from this, all seems well. Maya and 33(11) continue to nest build and mate

Wednesday 15th April

Egg #1 laid 12.33am

Friday 17th April

Egg #2 laid/seen 5.47pm

Monday 20th April

Egg #3 laid/seen 5.14pm

Wednesday 13th May

Two-year-old female, Blue 3J, hatched on the Manton Bay nest in 2013, is seen and photographed at Ferry Meadows near Peterborough


3J makes it home

Friday 22nd May

Egg #1 hatches (37days 17hrs) seen around 6.15pm

Saturday 23rd May

Egg #2 fully hatched around 8.15pm (36days 2hrs) time to be confirmed

Monday 25th May

Egg #3 hatches around 4.30pm (34days 23hrs)

Friday 5th June

Blue 1J, hatched on the Manton Bay nest in 2013, brother of Blue 3J, returns to Rutland. Intrudes at his natal nest this afternoon.

Blue 3J still at Ferry Meadows

Monday 15th June

Blue 3J returns to Rutland, intrudes at the Manton Bay nest

Tuesday 30th June


Blue/white S1 (?F)
Darvic right leg, BTO ring left leg

Blue/white S2 (M)
Darvic right leg, BTO ring left leg

Blue/white S3 (F)
Darvic right leg, BTO ring left leg

See:  ring of changes 

[NB Age order of chicks at ringing unknown, therefore listed only in numerical order of Darvics]

Wednesday 15th July

Blue S1 fledges 9.29am

Thursday 16th July

Blue S2 fledges 7.48am

Sunday 19th July

Blue S3 fledges 1.08pm

Saturday 29th August

Blue S1 and Blue S2 last seen late am

Wednesday 2nd September

Blue S3 and Blue 33 last seen. S3 8am and 33 around noon

Thursday 3rd September

Maya last seen just after 10am