Satellite Tracked Migrating Ospreys - Summary of Latest Positions - Latest change(s) in bold dark type. 28/06/2014 21:50
Name or ID Ring Column1 PTT back-pack type Google Path Latest Location Nearest Town/Geograhpical Location Natal/Breeding Site Comments Web Link
Blue YD sightings, sat pack faulty Blue YD M PTT-100 30 gram Solar Argos/GPS Yellow River Derwent, North of Firby, 7pm 20th South of Malton, Yorkshire Not disclosed unconfirmed sightings in Yorkshire, osprey with sat pack and aerial, in the general area close to the last satellite fix, highly significant info
Beatrice RD 22nd May Green 5B F PTT-100 30 gram Solar Argos/GPS See now back at old nest Moray area Not disclosed is well on with her incubation and she has had only one flight of note – a quick visit to a loch 4 miles away on 3rd May – may be to wash
Blue XD RD 22nd May Blue XD M new GPS/GSM See 12th back at nest Abernethy area Not disclosed is breeding again with green J at their usual nest, and is fairly frequently seen by the photographers at Aviemore
Green J RD 22nd May ? Green J F new GPS/GSM See 14th back with Blue XD, via Larig Ghru Abernethy area Not disclosed update is missing from HFfW website, probably an error
Rothiemurchus RD 22nd May Blue AE M PTT-100 30 gram Solar Argos/GPS See in the Dunkeld/Pitlochry area, see link…………. photographed at LotL on 2nd May, brilliant picture Rothiemurchus Estate ranging in a large area centred north of Dunkeld, but has not yet decided on a nest site nor apparently attracted a mate, may not breed in 2014
Breagha (J) Blog /GE 26th June Blue CF4 M ? Black area of the Casamance River mouth roost, area S of Elinkin, Senegal/Guinea Bissau border LG/RSPB 26th, this week has shown strong preference for single overnight roost to the south of this territory, making daily trips to the northern sections
White 14 (J) Blog 10th May White 14 M ? N/A now settled back on the Island of Bioko see blog link on right for a first hand report of area LDOP Bassenthwaite
30(05) WOW site 27th Mar Yellow 30 F ? Green confirmed at Rutland Water Reserve follow link>>>>>>gives track of last day 24th>>> Rutland
* YD: See SWT blog re sighting

MIA or dead

Oighrig (J) Blog 14th Feb, photos Blue CF5 M ? Brown cultivated area 10km E of Toubakouta…. between Simon Diene and Keur Mama Lamine LG/RSPB MIA or dead, satellite co-ordinates used by John Wright of Rutland Water, to establish details, but only large expanse of water was found
Caledonia Blog 14th Jan Blue AA1 F PTT-100 30 gram Solar Argos/GPS Yellow found in the cloisters of a convent Convent of San Clemente, Seville, Spain LG/RSPB it would appear that under foggy conditions, she collided with a tension cable of the lightning rod of the convent, LG awaiting post-mortem
White 15 (J) LDOP FB 13th White 15 F ? N/A has perished in desert, LDOP confirmed no movement in last 8 days, Mali desert LDOP Bassenthwaite no physical evidence, static signal from same location
Blue YZ (J) Blog 24th Feb Blue YZ F PTT-100 30 gram Solar Argos/GPS Red in an agricultural field in a delta area 9pm 5th Nov, in Guinea Bissau LotL, Dunkeld confirmed dead, remains, leg rings and transmitter recovered in a rice field, by a local search party, after signals restarted by sunlight
Yellow HA RD 15th Yellow HA M new GPS/GSM See River Findhorn a distance upstream……….. of Forres, West Moray area Not disclosed RD: my best prognosis is that he was injured during the fight and ‘limped away’ to try to recuperate along the river; probably died
(J) = 2013 Juvenile

P.S. Morven has shed her Tracker - and as of 14th Apr has a new mate.

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Extra item: EJ's eyrie at LG on WMP

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