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University of Montana, Project Osprey Studies and Webcams

Hellgate Canyon Nest Stats  -  2019

Times = Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)

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Tuesday 2nd April

Female osprey identified as Iris lands on nest at c9.50am.

[There is some disagreement amongst certain cam observers as to whether this really is Iris]

Friday 5th April

Male, positively identified as Louis, lands on nest at 10.49am but no further sightings of female

Saturday 6th April

Still no female, even though Louis has brought fish to the nest, which suggests that the bird thought to be Iris was a misidentification.

[After recording this, a female arrives on the nest. On studying video footage, the bird looks to be the same female that visited on 2nd. Consensus is that this female is Iris. All rather confusing]

Sunday 7th April

A female intruder lands on the nest late pm. Iris divebombs her and sends her packing

Tuesday 16th April

Louis has been missing for 24 hours. Iris goes fishing for herself

Friday 26th April

Egg #1 is laid at 6.40am

[It is now known that Louis is servicing two nests, hence his frequent disappearances, lack of regular (if any) food provision and only sporadic matings with Iris. It remains to be seen what happens to this and any subsequent eggs laid. There is also a third female around intruding at Iris' nest]

Monday 29th April

Egg #2 is laid at 4.15pm

Saturday 4th May

Dr Greene reports that a third egg has been laid this am. The eggs are well hidden so not recorded

Monday 13th May

Iris has been leaving the eggs for longer and longer periods, having to fish for herself, and now abandons them altogether. Louis continues to mate with Iris from time to time and there has been another male hanging around.

Saturday 18th May

The abandoned eggs are taken by ravens