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University of Montana, Project Osprey Studies and Webcams

Hellgate Canyon Nest Stats  -  2018

Times = Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)

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Wednesday 4th April

Louis returns at 12.24pm

Friday 6th April

Iris returns at 5.03pm

Friday 27th April

Egg #1 laid at 11.04am

Monday 30th April

Egg #2 laid at 7.59am

Thursday 3rd May

Egg #3 laid at 9.15am

Monday 4th June

Chick #1 hatches, 6.05am

Tuesday 5th June

Chick #2 hatches, 4.51am

Iris has appeared listless and unwell the past few days. Louis has fed her and even brooded the chicks this morning

Friday 8th June

Chick #3 hatches, 7.47am

Iris seems better today

Monday 11th June

Chick #3 dies, 1.03pm

Louis delivers a large fish this morning, the first since Saturday, 9th. Chicks have been without food since Saturday evening, a total of 38 hours, by which time chick #3 was too weak to food beg. Chicks #1 and #2 both fed well and appear strong

Monday 25th June

The fishing situation* has been getting steadily worse with Louis being absent for long periods. Several times Iris has been forced to leave the chicks alone on the nest and go fishing herself, as have other female ospreys in the area. Despite her best efforts chick #2 succombs to starvation at 11.22am

*The second largest flood on record of the Clark Fork River during May and June, resulting in excessively high turbidity levels, has severely impeded fishing for these birds

Friday 13th July

The Adam's family suggest a name for the remaining chick, L'el'e, after Louis Adams' auntie. Louis was named after Louis Adams. See stats for 2016 for Louis' naming

Sunday 5th August

L'el'e fledges, 7.00am (62 days)

Sunday 2nd September

L'el'e last seen on nest (90 days)

Monday 10th September

Iris last seen, nest

Friday 14th September

Louis last seen, owl pole