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University of Montana, Project Osprey Studies and Webcams

Hellgate Canyon Nest Stats  -  2016

Times = Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)

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Monday 4th April

Female osprey thought to be Iris first seen at the nest, 07.54am. Unable to land on the nest as there is a goose excluder fitted over it. She then flies to the stadium lights where the frustration nest was built last year. Later returns to the nest, perching on top of the excluder netting for a while before flying away again.

Excluder removed later in day.

Tuesday 5th April

Same female arrives on nest c7.00am

Wednesday 6th April

The real Iris shows up

Saturday 16th April

Midas returns

Friday 29th April

Egg #1 laid 5.14pm. Iris abandons it in the rain

Saturday 30th April

The egg gets buried by nesting material during bouts of cup scraping by Iris. She appears to have been trying to kick it from the nest at one point

Later in the day, 2.16pm, a raven is seen to reach down into the nest cup and fly off with the egg

Monday 2nd May

Egg #2 laid 4.25pm

There was a male osprey around earlier. First thought to be Stanley but was not

Wednesday 4th May

Iris has a new mate, a young male who fought off two others. She is allowing him to mate and he is bringing her fish and nest building

The second egg remains in the nest, though unincubated much of the time

Thursday 5th May

Egg #3 laid 4.47pm. Iris incubates both eggs

Monday 9th May

Egg #4 laid 7.39pm

[The new male has been vigorously cup scraping, trampling and biting at eggs #2 and #3 whenever Iris is absent, yet the eggs remain in the nest]

Tuesday 10th May

Male succeeds in putting a hole in one of the eggs, thought to be egg #2. He picks it up and carries it to the edge of the nest but drops it. The punctured egg rolls back into the nest cup. Iris continues to incubate all three eggs

Wednesday 11th May

Iris breaks up the damaged egg #2. She eats a small part of the now empty eggshell but the rest rolls back in the nest cup. Egg #3 ends up inside large piece/pieces of shell

Thursday 12th May

Egg #5 laid 7.51pm

Friday 13th May

New male now incubates eggs

Wednesday 18th May

New male named Louis in honour of   Louis Adams 

Wednesday 1st June

One of the eggs is seen to have a very large dent in it and the following day (2nd June) another egg shows a smaller dent. Going on colouring, they are thought to be eggs #4 and #5 respectively

Saturday 4th June

Evening. Egg #4 is seen to be broken open

Sunday 5th June

Between 6.28pm and 7.55pm Louis and Iris eat contents and shell of broken egg

Monday 13th June

At 9.11am, Louis opens up damaged egg #5. There is a fully formed, dead foetus inside

Wednesday 15th June

Dead foetus is seen on the nest. Later consumed by Iris

Tuesday 12th July

Unhatched egg finally abandoned. Last incubated by Louis at 10pm

Sunday 21st August

Egg removed by raven 8.13am

Thursday 8th September

Louis last seen 7.55am and Iris last seen 8.07am. Both at stadium lights