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University of Montana, Project Osprey Studies and Webcams

Hellgate Canyon Nest Stats  -  2014

Times = Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)

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Saturday 12th April

Iris returns at 6.49am

Sunday 27th April

Stanley returns at 8.13am

Monday 5th May

Egg #1 laid at 2.06pm

Thursday 8th May

Egg #2 laid at 7.44am

Sunday 11th May

Egg #3 laid between 7.16am and 7.30am

Wednesday 11th June

Egg #1 hatches at 2.44pm (37 days)

Friday 13th June

Egg #2 hatches at 4.01pm (36 days)

Sunday 15th June

Egg #3 hatches at 10.30pm (35 days)

Monday 28th July

It has been announced there are no further plans to band the chicks

Wednesday 6th August

Chick #1 fledges at 6.07am (56 days)

Friday 8th August

Chick #2 fledges at 7.36am (56 days)

Sunday 10th August

Chick #3 fledges at 10.02am (56 days)

Monday 8th September

Juvenile #1 last seen at 4.30pm (89 days)

Thursday 11th September

Juvenile #3 last seen at 9.20am (88 days)

Iris last seen at 10.16am

Friday 19th September

Juvenile #2 last seen at 7.12am (97 days)

Stanley last seen on pole around noon

Tuesday 23rd September

Stanley last seen in area