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University of Montana, Project Osprey Studies and Webcams

Hellgate Canyon Nest Stats  -  2013

Times = Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)

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Sunday 7th April

Iris returns

Tuesday 30th April

After many disruptions at the nest and Iris pairing up with an unsupportive male (Midas), Egg #1 is laid c5.30am

Friday 3rd May

Egg #2 laid at 7.23am

Stanley lands on nest at 8.06pm. Promptly kicks out both eggs

Fights observed between males over the previous two days with suggestions that Stanley may have been one of them

Monday 6th May

Egg #3 laid c10.36am

Tuesday 7th May

Egg seen to be broken c10.50am

Saturday 11th May

Egg #4 laid c8.30pm

Tuesday 14th May/
Wednesday 15th May

According to observers Egg #5 laid late pm 14th or early am 15th

Monday 17th June

Egg #4 hatches c7.45am (37 days)

Wednesday 19th June

Egg #5 hatches sometime overnight. Chick seen early morning (35 days)

Tuesday 2nd July

In honour of Peggy Taylor Miles, a huge osprey fan who died in March 2013, the older chick is named Taylor and younger chick named Miles

Wednesday 17th July, 8.55pm


Taylor (30 days)
Darvic right leg Blue/White E5
Metal band left leg, no. 1088-03995   Weight: 1416g

Miles (28 days)
Darvic right leg Blue/White E3
Metal band left leg, no. 1088-03994   Weight: 1170g

Blood samples taken

Sunday 11th August

Miles fledges c7.35am (53 days)

Iris brings a live fish to the nest at 12.32pm, thought to have caught it herself. Eldest chick 55 days old

Monday 12th August

Taylor fledges 6.48am (56 days)

Friday 6th September

Iris last seen

Sunday 15th September

Miles last seen (88days)

Monday 23rd September

Stanley last seen on nest at 10.08am

Taylor last seen on nest at 11.53am (98days)