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University of Montana, Project Osprey Studies and Webcams

Hellgate Canyon Nest Stats  -  2012

Times = Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)

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Wednesday 4th April

Female returns

Tuesday 10th April

Male and female land on nest

Saturday 14th April

Second osprey lands on nest and takes off a few minutes later

Saturday 5th May

Egg #1 laid (ignored/neglected)

Sunday 6th May

New male shows up on nest at 7.48pm, with fish

Sunday 13th May

Egg #2 laid at 5.44am

Tuesday 15th May

Egg #3 laid at 12.49pm

Sunday 20th May

Egg #4 laid at 5.57am

Tuesday 19th June

Egg #2 hatches at 4.16pm (37 days)

Thursday 21st June

Egg #3 hatched chick seen at 5.42am (37 days)

Sunday 24th June

Egg #4 hatches at 10.00am (35 days)

Sunday 8th July

Chick #2 gets entangled in fishing line with the hook caught in one of its legs. The team intervene, remove hook and line and weigh all three chicks:

Chick #1   -   689g
Chick #2   -   688g
Chick #3   -   403g

All have very full crops

Tuesday 10th July

By this date all birds have been given names:

Female      -    Iris

Male           -    Stanley

Chick #1    -    Crown Royal

Chick #2    -    Captain Hook

Chick #3    -    Squish

Friday 13th July

Stanley goes missing for over 14 hours. He comes back at 9.35pm with a small fish

Wednesday 25th July


Crown Royal (36 days)
Darvic right leg Blue/White 73, metal band left leg. Weight: 1564g

Captain Hook (34 days)
Darvic right leg Blue/White 72, metal band left leg. Weight: 1361g

Squish (31 days)
Darvic right leg Blue/White 71, metal band left leg. Weight: 1297g

(Blood and feather samples taken from all three)

Monday 13th August

Captain Hook fledges at 8.22am (53 days)

Thursday 16th August

Crown Royal fledges at 8.59am (58 days)

Sunday 19th August

Squish fledges at 9.37am (56 days)

Monday 3rd September

Captain Hook last seen (74 days)

Thursday 6th September

Iris last seen

Saturday 15th September

Squish last seen (83 days)

Thursday 25th September

Crown Royal (98 days) and Stanley last seen