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Dyfi Osprey Project Nest Stats  -  2020

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Thursday 2nd April

Telyn returns, 6.43pm

Sunday 5th April

Unringed male shows up, 3.20pm. Makes himself at home.

Thursday 9th April

In Monty's continued absence, unringed male (named Idris by Dyfi Osprey Project) and Telyn are busy nest building and bonding

Friday 17th April

Egg #1 laid 5.58am

Monday 20th April

Egg #2 laid 1.40am

Wednesday 22nd April

Egg #3 laid 10.56pm

Tuesday 26th May

Chick #1 hatches (from Egg #2) 4.30pm

Thursday 28th May

Chick #2 hatches (from Egg #3) 12.34pm

[Egg #1 does not hatch]

Tuesday 30th June


Chick #1 - Tywi   (M)   (35 days)
Darvic ring, right leg, Blue/White KC7
BTO ring left leg

Weight: 1470g

Chick #2 - Teifi   (M)   (33 days)
Darvic ring, right leg, Blue/White KC6
BTO ring left leg

Weight: 1430g

Tuesday 14th July

Tywi fledges 8.52am (49 days)

Monday 20th July

Teifi fledges 7.15am (53 days)

Thursday 13th August

Telyn last seen, 7.12pm

Tuesday 25th August

Tywi last seen, 7.00am

Saturday 29th August

Teifi last seen, 9.31am

Sunday 30th August

Idris last seen, 11.26am