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Dyfi Osprey Project Nest Stats  -  2016

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Friday 25th March

Blue 24 returns around 10.00am. Brings in nesting material

Tuesday 29th March

After a few days absence Blue 24 arrives back on the nest and stays around

Wednesday 30th March

A very eventful day on the Dyfi

See:   Friends Reunited: Blue 24, Blue 5F & Dai Dot

Thursday 31st March

Another eventful day. Blue 5F, joined by a red kite, divebombs Blue 24 on the nest and an aerial battle ensues. Meanwhile, crows pinch Blue 24's flounder which lies abandoned on the nest

Friday 1st April

Today's Dyfi blog with a video of yesterday's action.

See:   Two ospreys, a flounder, a kite and no fools

Sunday 3rd April

10.14am Dai Dot skydances for Blue 24. Lots of mating and nestorations but no fish offerings from Dai who stays just over an hour and then leaves

Monty arrives home, 1.07pm

Glesni arrives, 3.35pm and a fight breaks out between the two females. Glesni manages to regain her nest

Sunday 17th April

12.10pm, Blue 24 lays an egg on Dyfi nest 2. She has been using the platform since being ousted from the main nest. Monty has been regularly mating with her there

See:  Blue 24 lays egg

Monday 18th April

Nest 1: Glesni - Egg #1 laid 4.07am

Thursday 21st April

Nest 1: Glesni - Egg #2 laid 1.36am

Saturday 23rd April

Nest 1: Glesni - Egg #3 laid 10.05pm

Sunday 24th April

Although Blue 24 continues to incubate on Nest 2, she is now having to fish for herself. Monty's allegiance is with Glesni on Nest 1

Wednesday 27th April

Dai Dot intrudes at 7.32pm, having been ousted from his own nest, and is escorted away by Monty

See:  Dai Dot - what has happened to him

Friday 29th April

Update on Blue 24, Nest 2

See:  Blue 24's eggs

Tuesday 3rd May

Returning Dyfi born (2013) female, Blue 2R, Clarach, lands on the Glaslyn nest c11.40am, causing great excitement

Wednesday 4th May

Blue 24 left Nest 2 at 3.45pm and by 5.20pm a crow was seen pecking at something in the nest, presumably the eggs

Thursday 5th May

Blue 24 no longer incubating which suggests all eggs were predated

Friday 13th May

Blue 24 still around, bringing nesting material to nest 2. Monty still mates with her but no evidence of more eggs having been laid

Tuesday 24th May

Egg #1 hatches (36days 18hrs) 9.54pm

Sunday 29th May

Egg #3 hatches (35days 10hours) 8.26am

[Egg #2 does not hatch]

Thursday 30th June


Chick #1 - Ceri   (F)   (37 days)
Darvic ring, right leg, Blue/White Z0
BTO ring left leg

Weight: 1689g

Chick #2 - Tegid   (M)   (32 days)
Darvic ring, right leg, Blue/White Z1
BTO ring left leg

Weight: 1343g

[Not satellite tagged]
[Unhatched egg taken for analysis. Buccal (mouth) swabs taken from both chicks for DNA analysis]

Thursday 14th July

Ceri fledges 9.25am (50days 11hours)

Monday 18th July

Tegid fledges 12.34pm (50days 4hours)

An exciting day turns into a traumatic night at the Dyfi

See:  Tegid fledges but Ceri's in trouble

Wednesday 20th July

Ceri dies shortly before midnight (57days)

See:  Ceri has died

Saturday 23rd July

Ceri's body removed from the nest 8:55am

Monday 25th July

Ceri final update

Friday 12th - Saturday 13th August

Glesni last seen at dusk, roosting on top of camera pole, Fri, 12th. Thought to have migrated at daybreak, Sat, 13th

Wednesday 24th August

Tegid last recorded sighting 20.43pm

Thursday 25th August

Tegid was heard, but not seen, just before daybreak and is thought to have migrated shortly after. Official migration time recorded as 6.00am (88days)

Thursday 1st September

Monty last seen 8.28am

Sunday 4th September

Blue 24 last seen 10.15am