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Dyfi Osprey Project Nest Stats  -  2014

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Sunday 30th March

Rutland born Blue 24(10) , Glesni's cousin, who intruded several times last year, visits nest

Monday 31st March

Blue 24 returns and spends most of the day on and around the nest. A second female, unringed, intrudes and is chased off

Tuesday 1st April

Blue 24 arrives at first light, makes herself at home, bringing in nesting material and moving sticks. Stays until mid morning then flies off northward. Seen on Manton Bay nest, Rutland, the following morning

Wednesday 2nd April

Known, unringed male, Dai Dot, lands on nest at 12.45pm. Spends rest of day in vicinity

Thursday 3rd April

Dai Dot back on nest perch early morning. Spends some time on and around nest then leaves. Blue 24 arrives back at the nest late afternoon. Dai Dot returns shortly after and they mate several times

Friday 4th April

Dai Dot and Blue 24 remain on and around nest mating and bringing in nesting material. Dai Dot does not provide fish for Blue 24 and she is having to catch her own

Tuesday 8th April

An unringed female intrudes at 9.30am and is driven off by Blue 24. Later two red kites divebomb the nest causing consternation

Monty arrives home at 3.13pm. Sends Dai Dot packing

Wednesday 9th April

Blue 24 still around. Monty presents fish but his attempts to mate are rebuffed . She is hostile towards him, goes to push him off the nest several times

Thursday 10th April

After an early morning skydance, Blue 24 allows Monty to mate

Glesni arrives home at 6.40am, landing on the nest next to Blue 24. After initial divebombings and skirmishes both birds disappear in a chase upriver and are lost from view around 10am, returning late that evening.

Some night time activity, flying about, chirping, seen and heard on cam starting around 9.21pm then all quiet by midnight.

Saturday 12th April

Unidentified osprey flies very close to the nest at 6.15am but otherwise quiet day. Blue 24 still present. Glesni not seen

Sunday 13th April

Around 8.30am Blue 24 becomes agitated, looking skyward, flies off nest and Glesni lands. Blue 24 then divebombs Glesni at high speed, knocking her clear off the nest. They fly off in a chase. Apart from being spotted at 10.35am over the Dyfi Estuary, neither female is seen again that day. Monty continues to nest build in their absence.


Glesni Comeback

Monday 14th April

About 09.50am an unidentified, unringed, female lands on the nest. She makes herself at home, moving nesting material about, and Monty brings her part of a fish. She flies off to a perch to eat it. Shortly afterwards Blue 24 arrives on the nest and is divebombed by an unidentified osprey. She takes flight. A total of four ospreys were observed in the air around that time

Tuesday 15th April

The two females continue to battle it out, knocking each other to the ground below the nest at one stage. Other ospreys around and five birds in total observed in the air over the reserve at one time. Glesni wins the upper hand and manages to gain the nest at close of day, mating with Monty and accepting fish. Further divebombings by Blue 24 carry on into late evening but Glesni retains possession of nest.

For highlights of today's action see:

Deadly Rivals

Wednesday 16th April

Glesni on nest from early morning. No further sightings of Blue 24

Friday 18th April

After the recent battles all remains peaceful for Monty and Glesni at the nest

Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust - Dyfi Osprey Project's new 360° Observatory opens to the public for the first time at 10 am


Who's watching who?

Thursday 1st May

Blue 24 returns. Divebombs nest. Glesni chases her off

Friday 2nd May

Egg #1 laid at 10.19am

Tuesday 6th May

Egg #2 laid c8.19pm

Thursday 5th June

Blue 24 has continued to hang around the Dyfi nest site and has also been seen near the Glaslyn. Monty has ensured she has kept her distance since the eggs were laid. Until today that is, when she decided otherwise.


Blue 24 making a nuisance of herself

Sunday 8th June

Egg #1 hatches 11.06am (37 days)

Wednesday 11th June

Egg #2 hatches 6.53pm (36 days)

Tuesday 15th July

Ringing  (commenced c7.30am)

Gwynant   (M)   (37 days)
Darvic ring, right leg, Blue/White 3R
BTO ring left leg, no. 1112446

Weight: 1520g     Wing: 323mm

Deri   (F)   (34 days)
Darvic ring, right leg, Blue/White 5R
BTO ring left leg, no. 1112447

Weight: 1600g     Wing: 298mm

[Chicks not satellite tagged]

Sunday 27th July

Gwynant fledges 10.33am (49 days)

Friday 1st August

Deri fledges 1.24pm (51 days)

Tuesday 19th August

Glesni last seen at 7.54am

Saturday 30th August

Gwynant last seen 7.47pm (83 days)

Thursday 4th September

Deri last seen 10.33am (85 days)

Sunday 7th September

Monty leaves the larch perch at 10.50am and is last seen disappearing high over the Ceredigion hills at 11.08am