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Dyfi Osprey Project Nest Stats  -  2013

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Friday 5th
& Saturday 6th April

A new female osprey (named 'Elin' by DOP team) visits the nest. Stays around for a short time both days

Sunday 7th April

Monty returns at 9.01am

Friday 19th April

Elin shows up around 11am after a two week absence but only stays a few hours. No sign of Nora so far

Tuesday 23rd April

A new unringed female arrives on the nest at 9.34am (first thought to be Elin), later named Seren (Welsh for 'star'). She allows Monty to mate and stays around for three days. Last seen just before 8am on Friday, 26th April

Saturday 27th April

A ringed female, Darvic Blue/white FS on left leg, lands on the nest at 4.45pm. She is ID'd by Roy Dennis as a 2010 bird, ringed as a chick near Dores, Loch Ness, Scotland. She eats voraciously but is unwilling to allow Monty to mate with her

Monday 29th April

A 2010 Scottish ringed female, Darvic White/black UR on left leg (ringed as chick 10th July 2010 Ythan Valley, Aberdeenshire) seen on ash tree perch for short time.

Soon after that Seren arrives back on the scene. A fight breaks out, during which Seren ousts Blue FS from the nest. See:


Tuesday 30th April

Just as things appear to be settling down between Monty and Seren, Blue 12, a 2010 Rutland Water female shows up around 2pm. She had been seen at Rutland Water on 27th April

Blue 12 had intruded several times at Dyfi last year and is Nora's niece

[Parents of Blue 12:  father 08(97); mother Green 5N(04) - sister to Nora 03(08)]

An aerial battle commences between Monty and Blue 12. Another male intrudes during the fray but doesn't stay around long

Wednesday 1st May

Blue 12 still around. Monty continues to chase her away from the nest. Seren goes missing again

Thursday 2nd May

Seren (?) briefly seen on the nest before 9am. Monty mates with her. She is not seen for the rest of the day. Monty continues to chase Blue 12

Friday 3rd May

Blue 12 lands on the nest around 10.35am. Monty brings in a fish and drops it on her back. They appear relaxed with each other now. Blue 12 eats the fish on the nest.

Tuesday 7th May

Following a name vote on DOP Facebook page Blue 12 is given the name Glesni, Welsh for blue or blueness

Wednesday 22nd May

Egg #1 laid 5.19pm

Saturday 25th May

Egg #2 laid 7.07pm

Friday 28th June

Egg#1 hatches 7.14pm (37 days)

Sunday 30th June

Egg#2 finally hatches 8.40pm (36 days) Chick had been pipping for 32 hours

Tuesday 6th August

Ringing  (commenced c9.24am)

Clarach (39 days) (F)
Darvic ring, right leg, Blue/White 2R
BTO ring left leg, no. 1057943

Weight: 1710g   Wing: 328mm

Cerist (37 days) (F)
Darvic ring, right leg, Blue/White 1R
BTO ring left leg, no. 1057942

Weight: 1660g   Wing: 300mm

[Chicks not satellite tagged]

Sunday 18th August

Clarach fledges 8.13am (51 days)

Tuesday 20th August

Cerist fledges 9.06am (51 days)

Thursday 22nd August

Cerist returns to Monty's new nest at 2.56pm after being missing for nearly 54 hours post-fledge

For details see blog: Clarach and Cerist Fledge

Saturday 31st August

Glesni last seen at 8.06am

Wednesday 18th September

Clarach last seen c10.38am (82 days)

Friday 20th September

Cerist last seen 8.36am (82 days)

Monty last seen 9.12am