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Dyfi Osprey Project Nest Stats  -  2012

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Saturday 24th March

Nora returns at 3.34pm

Monday 2nd April

Monty returns at 3.35pm

Wednesday 18th April

Egg#1 laid at 7.06pm

Saturday 21st April

Egg#2 laid at 3.20pm

Tuesday 24th April

Egg#3 seen at 9.06am

Monday 28th May

Egg#1 hatches 9.38pm (40 days)

Tuesday 29th May

Egg#2 hatches 6.23am (38 days)

Thursday 31st May

Egg#3 hatches just before 10am (37 days)

Later that day Chick#1 seen to be dead (3 days)

Saturday 9th June

Due to severe weather conditions of torrential rain and wind for over 24 hours, the smaller of the two, Chick#3, perished and Chick#2 looked certain to follow being too weak to raise itself up enough to food beg. A decision was made to intervene and the two chicks removed from the nest. The surviving, though severely weakened, Chick#2 was hand fed at the nest site. It revived sufficiently to be returned to the nest where Nora fed it again. Later seen to be much more alert and responsive.

Full story here on the Dyfi Osprey Project website:

the perfect storm

Tuesday 12th June

Chick named Ceulan (pronounced Kay-lan) after the local river Ceulan which burst its banks during the devastating rainstorm and flooded the area.

Friday 13th July

Ringing and Tagging  (commenced 9.30am)

Ceulan (45 days) (M)
Darvic ring, right leg, Blue/White 3C
BTO ring, no. 1118480, left leg.  Satellite tagged

Weight: 1415g

Saturday 21st July

Ceulan fledges at 9.29am (53 days)

Tuesday 24th July

Nora starts fishing

Tuesday 7th August

Nora last seen at 2.26pm

Monday 3rd September

Ceulan last seen at around 9.26am (97 days)

Wednesday 5th September

Monty last seen 7. 23am

Sunday 16th September

Ceulan crosses the Senegal river between 9am and 10am

Wednesday 7th November

Big scare about Ceulan's lack of movement

Saturday 10th November

Concern for Ceulan increases with more worrying data

Sunday 11th November

Late data suggests that Ceulan is probably ok

Tuesday 11th December

Data shows that Ceulan most likely died on Saturday, 1st December

Saturday 15th December

Frédéric Bacuez goes to Ceulan's last known position to find that fishermen have his body

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a life to remember