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Loch of the Lowes Nest Stats  -  2024

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Friday 8th March 

Blue NC0 returns 5.52pm

[NC0 has lost her blue Darvic, damaged last season, which leaves her with just the metal BTO ring on her right leg]  

Wednesday 27th March 

LM12 returns, 4.38pm

Wednesday 17th April 

Egg #1 laid, 10.48am

Saturday 20th April 

Egg #2 laid, 10.53am

Tuesday 23rd April 

Egg #3 laid, 8.47pm

Thursday 2nd May 

LM12 has been missing for 4 days. Last seen around lunchtime on Sunday 28th April when he was thought to have gone fishing. Blue NC0 has not eaten for 5 days and over the last 24 hours has become more and more restless, leaving the eggs and taking regular flights around the loch

Friday 3rd May 

Still no sign of LM12 but there are other ospreys around suggesting that he may be occupied pursuing intruders. However, in his absence, Blue NC0 is having to fish for herself. Which she did today, very successfully catching herself a good sized fish.

Saturday 4th May

Police Scotland publish an appeal this evening after the remains of an osprey, thought to be LM12, was found in the vicinity of Loch of the Lowes nest yesterday. An investigation is in progress.


Police Scotland - Appeal

Tuesday 7th May 

A couple of unringed males have been hanging around, whilst NC0 has been spending more time away from the nest. Today one of them has been busy nest-cupping and clearing out the eggs

Tuesday 21st May 

How things have been shaping up over the last couple of weeks for NC0


Positive News from the Nest