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Loch of the Lowes Nest Stats  -  2018

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Tuesday 20th March

LF15 returns, 7.28am

Thursday 29th March

LM12 returns, 11.41am

Saturday 14th April

Egg #1 first seen at 3.45am

Monday 16th April

Egg #2 laid c11.30pm

Thursday 19th April

Egg #3 laid c10pm

Tuesday 22nd May

Chick #1 hatches c8.30am

Thursday 24th May

Chick #2 hatches just before 1pm

[Remaining egg does not hatch]

Monday 2nd July


Blue/white LN1 (M)
Darvic left leg, BTO ring right leg

Blue/white PT0 (M)
Darvic left leg, BTO ring right leg

Saturday 14th July

Blue PT0 fledges, 6.37am

Tuesday 17th July

Blue LN1 fledges, c2.15pm

Tuesday 7th August

LF15 last seen this evening

Saturday 11th August

Blue LN1 last seen

Monday 20th August

Blue PT0 last seen

Sunday 26th August

LM12 last seen