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Loch of the Lowes Nest Stats  -  2013

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Sunday 24th March

Male osprey seen flying in vicinity of nest around 3.15pm. He lands on a branch adjacent to the nest where staff are able to ID him as last year's unringed male (Laddie)

Monday 25th March

Four osprey seen in vicinity and two female ospreys visit the nest, one of which bears a striking resemblance to Lady. She returns to the nest frequently and Laddie is not quite sure what to make of the situation. Half-hearted and unsuccessful mating attempts and much mantling follow

Wednesday 27th March

Laddie appears to be accepting this new female. He is bringing in fish and successful matings are now being observed

Saturday 30th March

A flurry of activity causes great excitement. Five ospreys seen around Loch by SWT staff, then Lady arrives on nest around 2.15pm. New female disappears

Sunday 7th April

New female reappears at 8.45am (SWT blog). All three birds reported to be on nest at one point

Thursday 18th April

Egg #1 laid c12.17pm

Sunday 21st April

Egg #2 laid c1.00am

Wednesday 24th April

Egg #3 seen around 7am. Thought to have been laid an hour or so before dawn (SWT blog)
(dawn = 5.44am)

Saturday 27th April

Egg #4 seen just after 11am

Saturday 1st June

Egg #(?4*) hatched c10am

[* hatch time and egg markings correspond to egg #4]

Monday 15th July

Ringing and Tagging

(F) (44 days) Darvic ring left leg, Blue/White YZ

BTO ring right leg, no. 1439121   Satellite tagged

Wing: 375mm   Tail: 170mm   Weight: 1800g

[unhatched eggs removed from nest for analysis]

Friday 19th July

Analysis of the three unhatched eggs reveals that only one egg showed any signs of fertilisation. It is felt that the embryo had probably perished within a week of laying.

See:  Loch of the Lowes Osprey Diary

Tuesday 23rd July

Blue YZ fledges at 10.08am (52 days)

Tuesday 6th August

Lady last seen around midday

Thursday 5th September

Blue YZ last seen am

Saturday 7th September

Laddie last seen