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Loch of the Lowes Nest Stats  -  2012

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Friday 30th March

Lady returns at 8.31am

An unringed male lands on nest at around 12 noon and subsequently mates with Lady several times. He delivers fish to her and they continue to mate.
Green 7Y fails to return

Wednesday 11th April

An egg was thought to have been laid at about 10.40pm as reported by SWT. Lady was observed to be behaving in a manner which supported this, however, no egg was to be seen in the nest the following morning.

Saturday 14th April

Egg#1 laid about 7.15pm

Tuesday 17th April

Egg#2 laid about 5.35pm

Friday 20th April

Egg#3 laid about 4.34pm

Monday 21st May

Egg#1 hatches at 7.12pm (37 days)

[Eggs#2 and #3 fail to hatch]

Monday 2nd July

Ringing and Tagging  (commenced around 1pm)

Chick#1 (M) (42 days)

Darvic ring left leg, Blue/White 44

BTO ring right leg, no. 1412491. Satellite tagged

Wing: 330mm  Weight: 1440g

[Eggs #2 and #3 removed from nest]

Monday 16th July

Blue 44 fledges at 11.55am (56 days)

[On analysis Eggs#2 and #3 found to be addled, no signs of development]

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Friday 3rd August

Lady last seen am

Saturday 8th September

Blue 44 last seen 10am (110 days)

Saturday 8th September

Male last seen am