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Loch of the Lowes Nest Stats  -  2011

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Monday 28th March

Lady returns at 5.55pm

An osprey had briefly landed on the nest 6 hours earlier, at 12.10pm. This was thought to be Lady by a number of observers but not officially confirmed.

Sunday 3rd April

Green 7Y returns at 7.50am

Wednesday 13th April

Egg #1 laid at 1.34pm

Sunday 16th April

Egg #2 laid at 2.16pm

Tuesday 19th April

Egg #3 laid at 7.15pm

[All 3 eggs fail to hatch]

Thursday 7th July

Eggs collected around 10.00am

Sunday 7th August

Lady last seen at 5.07pm

Thursday 11th August

Green 7Y last seen at 11.37am