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Loch of the Lowes Nest Stats  -  2008

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Sunday 30th March

Lady returns 2.00pm in the company of a yellow ringed male.
This male was later identified as one of her sons, hatched from a three chick brood 13 years previously

Monday 31st March

Green B returns at 9.30am, evicts yellow ringed male

Friday 11th April

Egg #1 seen 4.10am

Sunday 13th April

Egg #2 11.58pm

Wednesday 16th April

Egg #3 10.00pm

Sunday 18th May

Egg #1 hatches at 4.15am (37 days)

[Eggs #2 and #3 fail to hatch]

Wednesday 9th July

Chick fledges at 1.54pm (52 days)

Saturday 26th July

Lady last reported seen

Saturday 23rd August

Green B last seen

Friday 29th August

Juvenile last seen (103 days)