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Loch of the Lowes Nest Stats  -  2007

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Thursday 29th March

Green B returns

Monday 2nd April

Lady returns

Friday 13th April

Egg #1 laid at 4.45pm

Monday 16th April

Egg #2 laid at 1.15pm

Thursday 19th April

Egg #3 laid at 7.20am

Sunday 20th May

Egg #1 hatches at 11.48am (37 days)

Tuesday 22nd May

Egg#2 Hatches at 12.30am(36 days)

Wednesday 23rd May

Egg#3 hatches at 7.28pm (34 days)

Wednesday 30th May

Chick#3 dies at 9.25pm

Date unknown (pre 13th July)

Chick#1 fledges

Friday 13th July

Chick#2 fledges am (52 days)

Tuesday 7th August

Lady Last seen

Sunday 26th August

Last osprey seen

[C#1 98 days, C#2 96 days]