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Loch Garten Nest Stats - 2024

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Saturday 6th April

Brodie returns, 2.50pm

Sunday 7th April

Asha returns, 11.26am

Sunday 21st April

Egg #1 laid, 10.47am

Wednesday 24th April

Egg #2 laid, 2.06pm

Saturday 27th April

Egg #3 laid, 1.05pm

Thursday 2nd May

All three eggs removed/damaged by intruder Blue KL5(20), a regular intruder at LG for the past couple of years, after repeatedly chasing Asha away from the nest.

Sunday 5th May

KL5 retains control of the nest. Brodie has been seen from time to time but is being kept at bay. Asha is now accepting KL5's mating attempts and he is grudgingly feeding her

Tuesday 7th May

All change. Brodie and Asha back together. KL5 not seen since Sunday