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Loch Garten Nest Stats - 2023

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Tuesday 4th April

Asha returns

Monday 17th April

Quite a few changes on the nest so far. No sign of AX6 so Asha has been courted by various males since she returned. A case of 'watch this space'. Nothing further to report until the situation hopefully stabilises and Loch Garten once again have a breeding pair

Tuesday 25th April

Asha had recently paired up with a dark chested unringed male (URM) who is very similar in looks to herself. She surprises everyone by unexpectedly laying an egg at 4.21 this afternoon. The male doesn't seem to know what to make of it.

Friday 28th April

Egg #2 arrives, 5.23pm

URM has settled down to doing his bit with occasional incubation duties since his initial shock at seeing the first egg and has proved to be a good provider

Monday 1st May

Egg #3 laid, 3.16pm

Tuesday 2nd May

Unringed male named Brodie by Loch Garten team

Sunday 4th June

Chick #1 hatches early am

Tuesday 6th June

Chick #2 hatches overnight

[Remaining egg fails to hatch]

Wednesday 12th July


Chick 1 (M)
Darvic ring left leg, blue/white 2C4
BTO ring right leg

Chick 2 (M)
Darvic ring left leg, blue/white 2C5
BTO ring right leg

Tuesday 1st August

Blue 2C5 fledges, 12.58pm

Wednesday 2nd August

Blue 2C4 fledges, 4.20pm

Saturday 9th August

Blue 2C4 sustains a very bloody, but not incapacitating, right wing injury. It was seen after a skirmish with intruder, Blue KL5(20). However, a video update by LG staff demonstrates that the wound was caused by 2C4 dragging his underwing against a sharp upright branch at the side of the nest

Asha last seen around this date, arousing much speculation

Saturday 12th August

Blue 2C5 last seen

Sunday 13th August

Blue 2C4 last seen

Wednesday 30th August

Blue KL5 has continued to be a main contender for the nest at regular intervals throughout August

Brodie last seen