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Loch Garten Nest Stats - 2022

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Friday 25th March

Big changes at Loch Garten

See RSPB Diary:  Out with the old, in with the new

Saturday 16th April

A blue-ringed male, Darvic AX6 (nicknamed Axel), who visited the new nest last year and returned this year on 12th April, has attracted a female. She has a metal BTO ring on her right leg but no Darvic. If the pair breed successfully I will continue to update this page

Sunday 17th April

The BTO ringed female has since been ousted by an unringed female. She is believed to be the same female that bonded but did not breed with AX6 last year. Their matings appear successful, whereas attempted matings with BTO ringed female yesterday were not. BTO ringed female currently still intruding and being chased off

Tuesday 3rd May

Egg #1 laid, 6.47pm

Saturday 7th May

Egg #2 laid overnight, first seen 4.10am

Tuesday 10th May

Egg #3 laid, 8.54pm

Saturday 11th June

Chick #1 first seen c5.32am

Monday 13th June

Chick #2 first seen 4.11am


Third egg fails to hatch

Saturday 9th July

Unringed female named ASHA as a result of recent RSPB poll

[Names proposed were Ada, Asha, Dilead, Nala and Una]

Tuesday 12th July


Chick #1 (M) (31 days)

Darvic ring left leg, blue/white 1C2
BTO ring right leg

Weight: 1500g

Chick #2 (F) (29 days)
Darvic ring left leg, blue/white 1C1
BTO ring right leg

Weight: 1500g

Tuesday 26th July

Asha brings what appears to be a little grebe to the nest. Could possibly have been mistaken for a fish as it swam underwater hunting for food. After initially attempting to feed morsels to chicks and trying some herself, the grebe was left ignored.

Thursday 28th July

Asha removes grebe from nest at 11.00am

Thursday 4th August

Blue 1C2 fledges at 6.55am (54 days) followed by Blue 1C1 at 9.54am (52 days)

Monday 8th August

Blue 1C1 dies after what appears to be a seizure around 12.32pm. She has been lethargic and not eating properly for a couple of days.

[1C1 removed from nest on 9th August and sent to Edinburgh for post mortem]

Tuesday 6th September

Initial PM findings on 19th August suggest that Blue 1C1 was fighting an infection. Current results from further tests confirm the infection to be salmonella.

Sunday 14th August

Asha last seen

Thursday 18th August

Blue 1C2 last seen (68 days)