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Loch Garten Nest Stats  -  2018

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Wednesday 21st March

EJ returns, c5.45pm

Saturday 31st March

EJ chases off a juvenile white-tailed eagle which is flying over the reserve

Monday 2nd April

At 7.18pm a blue-ringed osprey (dark necklace and size suggests female) lands on the nest. Blue darvic on left leg, BTO ring on right. EJ lands and shoos her off. She returns a few minutes later and buzzes EJ on the nest before flying away

Tuesday 17th April

Egg #1 is laid c2.25am and lies in the nest unincubated.

There have been two potential mates around but neither has yet brought EJ a fish

Friday 20th April

At last, one of the males (unringed) brings EJ a fish and (unsuccessfully) attempts to clear the egg from the nest cup

A blue ringed male (Darvic NU7) intrudes around 3.30pm, tries to land on the nest. EJ's new mate sends him packing

Egg #2 laid c9.10pm

Saturday 21st April

EJ incubates both eggs. Later, male takes a turn on the eggs

Tuesday 24th April

Egg #3 first seen c11.05pm. Thought to have been laid c10.10pm

Friday 27th April

New male named George after former RSPB Scotland Director, George Waterston (1911-1980), an avid ornithologist and conservationalist who set up Operation Osprey 60 years ago

Sunday 13th May

George is not quite living up to expectations. He brings EJ a large headless fish this morning. The first fish he has brought in for the past 7 days. Meanwhile EJ is continuing to incubate, leaving her eggs alone from time to time for exercise breaks. George has been visiting the nest only briefly for the past week and has not been sharing incubation. Until today, when he seems to be making up for lost time.

Monday 14th May

A male intruder lands on the camera tree around 4pm. He is ringed, blue FN3

Wednesday 16th May

No further fish from George, so EJ has no choice but to leave the eggs and catch herself a meal

Thursday 17th May

In the early hours of this morning, George brings EJ a fish. EJ rejects his offering and sits tight on the eggs

Friday 25th May

Eggs are left for longer and longer periods, George being a very inadequate provider. EJ continues to fish for herself

Tuesday 19th June

Eggs taken by pine marten overnight

Friday 3rd August

EJ last seen