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Loch Garten Nest Stats  -  2017

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Thursday 23rd March

EJ returns. Heard on cam around 4.30pm then spotted eating fish below the nest by LG staff at 4.45pm

Friday 31st March

Odin returns, c2.35pm

Sunday 9th April

Egg #1 laid shortly after 7pm

Wednesday 12th April

Egg #2 laid c12.25pm

Saturday 15th April

Egg #3 laid c9.09am

Tuesday 16th May

Egg #1 hatches late evening (37 days 3 hrs) First seen at 10.55pm

Thursday 18th May

Egg #2 hatches (35 days 18 hrs). First seen 6.42am

Saturday 20th May

Egg #3 hatches c8.30/9.00am (35 days)

Odin has not returned to the nest since chasing intruders (one of which was Roy Dennis' previously tracked osprey, Blue PP7(13), Cromarty). He was last seen on Thursday 18th, 1.20pm. Hence no food brought to the nest since early on 18th.

Sunday 21st May

Still no sign of Odin. Intruders still around, unringed male perches on nest for a while. Only one chick can be seen food begging. EJ is seen to remove two small bodies from the nest

Monday 22nd May

No signs of life on nest this morning, 3rd chick has died overnight. Unringed male visits nest in EJ's absence but still no Odin

Tuesday 23rd May

EJ being bothered by a ringed male, Blue FC5 (Darvic left leg)

Wednesday 24th & Thursday 25th May

A ringed female intrudes on nest. She is Blue CT6, identified as having hatched at an Aberdeen nest in 2014

Saturday 27th May

Another three year-old female spotted on nest. Blue HS8 , hatched on the Isle of Bute, 2014 (known as 'Iris')

Tuesday 13th June

Still no sightings of Odin. Over the past few days, an unringed male and ringed male, Blue FC8 (Darvic left leg), have been vying for EJ's attentions

Monday 26th June

Blue CT6 and an unringed male together on the nest

Friday 7th July

EJ has been bonding with a pale coloured unringed male for the past three days. He has attempted to mate with EJ daily. There is also another unringed male around. Both males have brought fish to the nest.

Friday 14th July

EJ last seen 3.15pm

[The foregoing is a very brief record of what proved to be a hugely eventful season at Loch Garten]