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Loch Garten Nest Stats  -  2016

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Monday 21st March

EJ returns. Reported by cam observer c9.45am. EJ seen eating fish on a branch below the nest

Sunday 27th March

Male osprey arrives on nest c5.50pm. EJ mantles furiously, appearing agitated. Settles down more on subsequent visits. Debate follows as to ID of the male. Some observers say Odin, others say not.

Monday 28th March

Loch Garten staff ID male as Odin

Thursday 7th April

Egg #1 laid c8.06pm

Sunday 10th April

Egg #2 first seen c6.46pm

Wednesday 13th April

Egg #3 laid c10.20pm

Saturday 14th May

Egg #1 hatches in the early hours of the morning (36days 7hrs) Chick first seen around 3am

Thursday 19th May

Egg #3 can be seen hatching around 1.19am (35days 3hrs) Better view of chick 5.14am

[Egg #2 fails to hatch]

Thursday 23rd June


Rowan (M) (c40days 6hrs)
Darvic ring left leg, blue/white PP0
BTO ring right leg

Willow (M) (c35days 7hrs)
Darvic ring left leg, blue/white AF0
BTO ring right leg

[Unhatched egg removed from nest]

Wednesday 6th July

Rowan fledges 12.23pm (53 days)

Tuesday 12th July

Willow fledges 8.48am (54 days)

Sunday 17th July

EJ starts fishing (eldest juvenile 64 days old)

 EJ Fishing Stats 

Saturday 13th August

EJ last seen on nest with remains of fish around 7.00am

Tuesday 16th August

Rowan last seen on nest around 6.00am (94 days)

Saturday 20th August

Willow last seen on nest around 6.49pm (93 days)

Sunday 21st August

Odin last seen on nest ?2pm