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Loch Garten Nest Stats  -  2015

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Thursday 2nd April

EJ lands on the nest with a fish at 4.56pm

[Prior to her return, a pine marten had been visiting the nest, digging a hole to use as a toilet. EJ soon put a stop to that and the hole is in the process of being covered]

Monday 6th April

Odin lands on nest in the early hours of this morning c1.30am, mates with EJ

Saturday 18th April

Egg #1 laid 3.49pm

Tuesday 21st April

Egg #2 laid shortly before 10.00am

Friday 24th April

Egg #3 laid 7.21am

Sunday 26th April

Odin fights off an intruder. Observed to have a small gash on his leg early am, thought to have been sustained in fight. The injury does not seem to bother him too much. Heavy snowfall today.

Monday 27th April

Persistent male intruder still around.

See: Sky Wars

Tuesday 28th April

Male intruder still causing problems, divebombing EJ and landing on nest

Saturday 2nd May

After a few days of constant incursions and battles, peace seems to have been restored.

See: Battle of the Birds

Wednesday 6th May

Peace was shortlived and there have since been repeated attacks on the nest by at least two male intruders, one of which has a blue Darvic on its left leg.

Odin was last seen 7.19am yesterday (Tuesday) morning when he brought EJ a fish.

See: Intruders

Friday 8th May

Still no sign of Odin and an unringed male appears to have won the battle for the nest. EJ continues to incubate and protect her eggs whilst fending off the victor's advances

Around 2.30pm the male brings in a fish. EJ flies off to eat it. After inspecting the eggs for a few minutes the male flies off briefly then returns and starts cup-scraping. Two eggs are kicked out to the rim, one of them appears broken, leaving one egg in the nest cup. EJ returns, finishes off the last bit of fish on the nest then settles down to incubate the single egg. She tries to roll one of the displaced eggs back into the nest but is unsuccessful

Other intruders still around causing trouble from time to time.

Saturday 9th May

Male breaks egg in nest cup at 8.54am whilst EJ is off the nest. EJ returns and removes what looks to be a pinkish piece of something (unclear what) and flies off to dispose of it. She continues to spend time in the nestcup as if still incubating. The other two eggs remain in view on the nest rim. EJ inspects them at one stage but does not attempt to move them

Male brings in a fish at 5.11pm, which EJ grabs. She nags him for more on her return. Settles down in the nest cup again.

Sunday 10th May

EJ stops brooding. Spends more time off the nest. Male brings fish, which she accepts but rejects his attempts to mate

Odin returns - time since confirmed to be around 5.30am.

An eggshell had blown from the rim into the nest cup earlier, EJ is now brooding it.

Monday 11th May

The battle continues, on and off the nest. There seems to be at least three intruders involved, one of them female. Three birds mantling on the nest at one time.

Shortly after 7.50pm, EJ gently rolls the remaining egg, released from the rim by high winds blowing sticks around, back into the nest cup and proceeds to incubate it. The previous empty eggshell has since disintegrated.

Tuesday 12th May

The latest Loch Garten blog sheds some light on what has been happening.

See: The Boy is Back in Town

Saturday 16th May

A little more settled at the LG nest.

See: All Quiet on the Loch Garten Front

Wednesday 20th May

After a period of quiet, intruders return, including Fenryr. EJ leaves nest, abandoning her egg

Thursday 21st May

EJ returns to sit on her egg in the early hours of this morning. She spends most of the day brooding but then leaves the nest around 8.40pm and does not return

Friday 22nd May

EJ visits the nest only briefly, having finally given up on the egg

Sunday 24th May

As EJ and Odin are now spending more time off the nest, the webcams are switched between the camera tree camera (10am - for a wider view, plus panning, during the day) and the nest camera (6pm - close view overnight)

Thursday 28th May

EJ and Odin continue to defend against intruders and work on the nest. During a bout of cup-scraping by Odin, the egg is kicked out to the side. At 12.40pm Odin flies in and lands on the egg, which crumples and appears to have been empty

Monday 1st June

Around 12.26pm a ringed intruder lands briefly on the nest. Blue Darvic seen on left leg.

Thursday 4th June

A blue ringed intruder (Darvic left leg) spends time on and around the nest between 5.16am and 5.53am until EJ puts a stop to it

Tuesday 9th June

Loch Garten blog reports that the ringed intruder seen on the nest has been identified as Blue 65, that intruders are seen daily and that there is a second unidentified blue ringed bird around

Tuesday 23rd June

After being seen briefly on the camera tree this morning EJ goes missing

Wednesday 24th June

A blue ringed female intruder appears late afternoon in EJ's absence, spending the rest of the day on and around the nest. Odin provides her with a fish at 5.25pm

Female identified by LG staff as Blue YA (Darvic left leg)

Thursday 25th June

Blue YA still around and Odin provides her with another fish. EJ returns at 9.35am and sends her packing

See: The Loch Garten nest battle continues

Blue YA returns. Not to be easily ousted. A blue-ringed male is also involved, seen on the nest around 1.25pm. Later in the day two more intruders are seen. An unringed male, not thought to be Odin, along with a very dark unringed female who is delivered a fish by this male. She eats the fish on the nest and stays on to defend for more than an hour. Odin and EJ eventually regain the nest and Odin delivers a partly eaten fish to EJ at 10pm

Wednesday 12th August

EJ last seen just before 6am

Friday 21st August

Odin last seen around 3pm