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Loch Garten Nest Stats  -  2014

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Monday 24th March

EJ lands briefly on nest with large fish at approx 1.25pm

Sunday 30th March

Odin lands on nest with fish at 5.33 pm. Skydancing heard prior to his landing at approx 5.15pm

Friday 11th April

Egg #1 laid c7.12pm, seen 7.17pm

Monday 14th April

Egg #2 seen c2.15pm

Thursday 17th April

Egg #3 seen c12.18pm

Saturday 17th May

Egg #1 hatches c11.40pm (36 days)

Monday 19th May

Egg #2 hatches between 7.30pm and 7.45pm (35 days)

Thursday 22nd May

Egg #3 hatches 2.35am (35 days)

Saturday 28th June

Ringing and Tagging  (commenced around 7.30pm)

Millicent (F) (42 days)
Darvic ring left leg, blue/white AN0
BTO ring right leg, no. 141072

Satellite Tag No. 139178

Wing: 364mm   Tail: 162mm   Weight: 1720g

Seasca (F) (40 days)
Darvic ring left leg, blue/white AN9
BTO ring right leg, no. 140601

Satellite Tag No. 139177

Wing: 348mm   Tail: 110mm   Weight: 1885g

Druie (?F) (37 days)
Darvic ring left leg, blue/white AN8
BTO ring right leg, no. 1410670

Not Satellite Tagged

Wing: 302mm   Tail: 110mm   Weight: 1690g

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Thursday 10th July

EJ starts fishing (eldest chick 54 days old)

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Saturday 12th July

Millicent fledges at 4.46pm (56 days)

She is the 100th chick to fledge from the Loch Garten nest

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Tuesday 15th July

Seasca fledges c6.55am (57 days)

Thursday 17th July

Druie fledges at 2.15pm (56 days)

Monday 18th August

EJ last seen c9am

Tuesday 19th August

Seasca starts migration 1pm (92 days)

Saturday 23rd August

Millicent starts migration c11am (98 days)

Druie last seen am (93 days)

Monday 25th August

Odin last seen 5.45pm