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Loch Garten Nest Stats  -  2013

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Wednesday 27th March

EJ arrives on nest at 6.17pm and immediately gets down to some housework

Friday 5th April

Blue XD lands on nest next to EJ at 7.35pm

EJ has been absent from the nest for long periods of time over the past few days, giving rise to some speculation about where she has been (in view of what happened with Blue XD last year)

Saturday 6th April

Blue XD returns to the nest at around 1.22pm, mating with EJ several times.

Prior to his arrival an unringed male osprey had been reported, perched in the camera tree. Later report changed this sighting to probable female, not male.

Sunday 7th April

Odin spotted by LG staff (blog at 6.02pm). He was seen sitting on perch below nest eating a fish. EJ was absent

Monday 8th April

EJ, having been absent for most of previous day, returns to the nest where she and Odin resume bonding/mating

Blue XD still around and seen visiting nest. EJ no longer receptive to his advances, since Odin is back

Tuesday 9th April

EJ goes AWOL. Last seen at around 6.35am

Roy Dennis reports that Blue XD's partner Green J now back at their nest

Thursday 11th April

EJ returns at 11.24am

Friday 12th April

EJ absent again. Not seen since around 7.30pm yesterday evening

Saturday 13th April

EJ returns just before 9pm in a howling gale. Roosts on nest until 11pm then leaves

Sunday 14th April

EJ present on nest today

Egg #1, based on EJ's behaviour, appears to have been laid a little before 2pm. First seen at 2.02pm

Suspicious behaviour from Odin just after 4pm when the egg was kicked to edge of nest cup after a bout of vigorous scraping. He then rolls it back

Monday 15th April

7.48am - when EJ leaves nest to eat Odin sets to and kicks egg out of nest cup, where it sits on the rim unattended

EJ returns at 12.16 to find the egg on the rim. After a tense stand-off between herself and Odin, EJ finally rolls the egg back into the cup at 1.08pm and starts incubating

Odin heard to skydance before bringing in a huge whole trout at 5.27pm for EJ. She grabs it and flies off the nest. Odin gets down into the nest cup and scrapes and kicks the egg out to the rim again

EJ returns with remains of fish just after 8pm and Odin flies off with it. EJ immediately returns the egg to the nest cup and sits on it. When Odin returns he acts quite aggressively towards EJ, lunging at her head whilst she is sitting and pushing her off the egg. She quickly recovers and resumes her position. Odin leaves.

Tuesday 16th April

After much aggressive, what appears to be attempted mating/dominance behaviour by Odin overnight, which is met with resolute rejection by EJ, Odin ejects the egg from the nest cup a third time at 7.08am after which it lies unseen and covered with moss

Egg remains hidden until 9.47am after Odin accidentally uncovers it whilst EJ is having a meal break. When she returns around 12.37pm EJ immediately rolls the egg back into the nest cup and settles down on it.

Just after 1.00pm EJ checks the egg which is then seen to be broken

The remaining eggshell is finally removed from the nest by EJ at 2.50pm

Wednesday 17th April

Egg #2 seen just before 2pm

Thursday 18th April

Odin brings fish at 7.26am, EJ flies off with it. Odin kicks egg out of nest cup onto rim at around 7.30am

At c2.45pm EJ returns with remains of fish, Odin flies off with it and EJ immediately locates egg, rolls it back in the cup and starts incubating

c7.25pm Odin kicks egg from nest cup once more and it gets broken

Saturday 20th April

Egg #3 seen just after 8.50am. Official time of laying given as 8.18am

Odin accepts this egg and incubates

Tuesday 23rdApril

Egg #4 laid shortly after 7.00am

Saturday 25th May

Egg #3 hatches. Seen c9.40pm (35 days)

Tuesday 28th May

Egg #4 hatches. Seen c8.50am (35 days)

Saturday 6th July

Ringing and Tagging  (commenced c8.30am)

Oighrig (M) (42 days)
Darvic ring left leg, blue/white CF5
BTO ring right leg, no. 1410656. Satellite tagged

Wing: 351mm Tail:   157mm   Weight: 1460g

Breagha (M) (39 days)
Darvic ring left leg, blue/white CF4
BTO ring right leg, no. 1410655. Satellite tagged

Wing: 333mm   Tail: 138mm   Weight: 1510g

See:   Ringed, named and tagged 

Tuesday 16th July

Oighrig fledges at 5.25am (52 days)

Friday 19th July

Breagha fledges c2.13pm (52 days)

Saturday 27th July

EJ starts fishing (eldest juvenile 63 days old)

 EJ Fishing Stats 

Monday 19th August

EJ last seen late afternoon

Tuesday 20th August

Oighrig starts migration at 7am (87 days)

Wednesday 21st August

Odin last seen

Friday 23rd August

Breagha last seen at 8.45am (87 days)