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Blue XD and EJ

Odin and EJ

Odin not sure about that egg

Loch Garten Nest Stats  -  2012

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Wednesday 21st March

EJ returns at 5.07pm

Wednesday 28th March

Blue ringed male arrives at 11am
EJ allows him to mate several times without apparent preamble...or fish. He then settles in and commences work on nest.
Male identified by Roy Dennis as Blue/White XD whose own nest has been damaged.
Roy Dennis, assisted by Richard Thaxton and Ian Perks from LG, rebuild a basic nest platform at XD's nest site.

Sunday 1st April

Odin returns, ousts Blue XD and delivers EJ a fish at about 3.35pm

Monday 2nd April - Thursday 5th April

EJ absent from nest for long periods.
Weather bad (heavy snowfalls) during this time.
Roy Dennis reports in his blog, having checked the newly rebuilt nest site on Thursday 5th April, that Blue XD was busy working on his new nest. EJ was observed to be with him at that time but she subsequently returned to LG.

Monday 9th April

Egg#1 first seen about 5.15pm

Thursday 12th April

Egg#2 laid just after 2pm

Sunday 15th April

Egg#3 laid about 12.55pm

Wednesday 16th May

Egg#1 hatches about 11.30pm (37 days)

Friday 18th May

Egg#2 hatches around 6.53pm (36 days)

Tuesday 22nd May

Egg#3 hatches at 6.59pm (37 days)

Friday 15th June

EJ starts fishing (eldest chick 30 days old)

EJ Fishing Stats

Sunday 17th June

After being subjected to repeated bullying and unprovoked attacks by Chick#2 over time Chick#3 is finally killed by its sibling(s) around 9.00am (26 days old)

Friday 29th June

Ringing and Tagging  (commenced around 8.00am)

Caledonia (F) (44 days)
Darvic ring left leg, blue/white AA1
BTO ring right leg, no. 1410572. Satellite tagged

Wing: 365mm   Tail: 150mm   Weight: 1680g

Alba (F) (42 days)
Darvic ring left leg, blue/white AA2
BTO ring right leg, no. 1410571. Satellite tagged

Wing: 353mm   Tail: 150mm   Weight: 1680g

[N.B. Caledonia's blue/white AA1 darvic ring fitted upside down]

See:   SuperCALLYfragilisticexpiALBAdocious 

Saturday 14th July

Alba fledges at 9.11am (57 days) then Caledonia fledges at around 11.28am (59 days)

Saturday 18th August

EJ last seen around 9.23am after delivering two fish to the nest in quick succession.

Fish #1 at 8.33am taken by Caledonia and fish #2 at 9.23am taken by Alba

Sunday 19th August

Caledonia (95 days) and Alba (93 days) last seen on nest at 10.14am

Wednesday 22nd August

Odin last seen around 3pm