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Loch Garten Nest Stats  -  2011

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Thursday 24th March

EJ returns at 2.15pm

Saturday 2nd April

Odin returns at 5.09pm

Thursday 14th April

Egg #1 seen at 3.25am

Saturday 16th April

Egg #2 seen at 7.49pm

Tuesday 19th April

Egg #3 seen at 6.41pm

Thursday 19th May

Egg #1 hatches 10.10pm (35 days)

Egg #2 fails to hatch, removed at ringing/tagging

Tuesday 24th May

Egg #3 hatches 6.30am (35 days)

Saturday 25th June

EJ starts fishing (eldest chick 37 days old)

 EJ Fishing Stats 

Thursday 30th June

Ringing and Tagging (commenced approx 6.30pm)

Tore (F) (42 days)
Darvic ring, left leg, blue/white 48
BTO ring, right leg, no. 1410562

Wing 335mm, tail 140mm. Sat tag: ptt 57088

Bynack (M) (37 days)
Darvic ring, left leg, blue/white 47
BTO ring, right leg, no. 1410563

Wing 325mm, tail 125mm. Sat tag: ptt 57089

Chicks not weighed

See:   It gives us great pleasure 

Tuesday 12th July

Tore fledges 8.42am (54 days)

Saturday 16th July

Bynack fledges 10.18am (53 days)

Wednesday 17th August

Tore last seen 9.27am (90 days)

Friday 19th August

EJ last seen 10.15am

Sunday 21st August

Bynack last seen 10.00am by LG staff (89 days)

Monday 22nd August

Odin last seen am by LG staff