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Loch Garten Nest Stats  -  2003

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Wednesday 26th March

Female White EJ turns up on the nest unexpectedly. She had bred successfully for the first time in 2002 at a nest 25km from LG. Staff learn from Roy Dennis that this nest had blown down during the winter and help him repair it. White EJ returns to her nest.

Sunday 6th April

Olive returns for her 10th successive year.

Friday 11th April

Last year’s male, Black 8Y, fails to return but a new male, ringed Ochre HV - soon to be named Henry, arrives. He regularly delivers fish to Olive and she accepts him as her new mate.

Wednesday 16th April

One of four vanquished males from 2002, Black 6T, challenges Henry but after a lengthy battle is seen off.

Thursday 17th April

Henry is challenged yet again, this time by an unringed male, and is defeated

Friday 18th April

The new unringed male appears to be a young immature bird who fails to support Olive. She is forced to leave the nest to fish for herself and her absences become more prolonged.

Friday 2nd May

The unringed male has still failed to deliver fish to Olive and she finally leaves without laying

Henry returns and attempts to re-take the territory from the unringed male. He succeeds.

Monday 16th June

White EJ returns having been evicted from her other nest.

Friday 20th June

Henry proves himself to White EJ by his excellent fishing abilities and they bond.

Thursday 31st July

Henry returns minus his Ochre HV Darvic ring, which understandably causes some initial confusion amongst the staff. He is left with just the metal BTO ring on his right leg.

Monday 4th August

A two year old male, hatched at a nest 50km from LG in 2001, ringed Red 7J, intrudes at the nest but Henry quickly sends him packing.

Tuesday 5th August

White EJ last seen 1.27pm.

Thursday 7th and Friday 8th August

Red 7J reappears but is seen off by Henry and doesn't return.

Sunday 7th September

Henry last seen early pm.