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Saturday 8th April

Female (unringed, known as Mrs 69) arrives on nest at 11.55am

Sunday 9th April

Male, ringed Blue 69 (hatched 2011, Loch Lomond), lands on nest with fish at 10.07am

Friday 21st April

Egg #1 laid 4.17pm

Monday 24th April

Egg #2 laid 12.21pm

Thursday 27th April

Egg #3 laid 11.09am

Tuesday 30th May

Egg #1 hatches 2.26pm

Wednesday 31st May

Egg #2 hatches 10.08am

Thursday 1st June

Egg #3 hatches c4.28pm

Friday 9th June

Chick #3 dies overnight

Wednesday 5th July


Aydon   (M)   
Darvic right leg, Blue/White 8L
BTO ring left leg

Alwinton (F)   
Darvic right leg, Blue/White 3L
BTO ring left leg

[Not satellite tagged]

Monday 24th July

Aydon fledges, 8.36am

Friday 28th July

Alwinton fledges, 4.38pm

Saturday 26th August

Mrs 69 last seen

Friday 1st September

Aydon and Alwinton last seen late morning

Sunday 3rd September

Blue 69 last seen 2.39pm