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Kielder Nest 2 Stats  -  2019

No further Kielder stats to be recorded here
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Monday 1st April

Yellow 37 and White EB return at some stage between the afternoon of Friday, 29th March and dawn this morning

Wednesday 17th April

Egg #1 laid before 10am

Sunday 4th May

Due to 37 and EB steadily building up the sides of the nest, it had become impossible to see into the nest cup. However, when 37 brings in a fish today he dislodges a branch which affords a glimpse of the tops of 3 eggs

Friday 24th May

Chick #1 hatches. Time unknown

Sunday 26th May

Chick #2 hatches. First seen 7.00am

Wednesday 29th May

Up until yesterday there were still 2 chicks and an unhatched egg. Unfortunately, the nestcam has now developed a major fault so until the chicks are large enough to be seen above the nest rim there will be no further news

Wednesday 3rd July


Blue/White 202 - Coquet (F)
Darvic ring right leg, BTO ring left leg
Weight: 1900g

Blue/White 201 - Chirdon (F)
Darvic ring right leg, BTO ring left leg
Weight: 1760g

[Blue 201 (Chirdon) fitted with GSM/GPS transmitter]
[No evidence of third egg found on nest]

Friday 19th July

Chirdon fledges 11.06am