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Saturday 4th April

White YA from Kielder nest 1 pays a visit this morning. Rearranging a few sticks in his brother, Yellow 37's, absence before returning to work on his own nest

Sunday 5th April

Mrs 37 returns at noon.

White YA has been over to Nest 2 again, building up the nest prior to her return. He visits again later and repeated mating attempts follow. Mrs 37 seemingly receptive to YA's advances

Tuesday 7th April

White YA continues to spend time here, keeping Mrs 37 company in the absence of their respective mates. He brought in a fish just after 10am but then mantled and flew away with it. He later returned with a smaller portion of the fish and allowed her to take it from him.

Thursday 9th April

Yellow 37 returns whilst the nest cams are off, between 5.30pm yesterday evening and 9.25am this morning. As with Nest 1, normal service resumes!

Sunday 19th April

Egg #1 laid 3.55pm

Wednesday 22nd April

Egg #2 laid 10.43am

Saturday 25th April

Egg #3 laid 10.06am

Wednesday 29th April

Egg #4 seen 10.07am

Sunday 10th May

A female intruder tramples the eggs after Mrs 37 takes flight.

See: Serious intruder incident

Wednesday 20th May

Blue 2H almost lands on his natal nest for the first time since his return to Kielder. Mrs 37 mantles, flaps her wings and alarm calls at her son's approach and he thinks better of it

Friday 22nd May

During another intruder incident, an agitated Mrs 37 accidentally kicks an egg out of the nest cup where it remains unbrooded on the rim
(Subsequently thought to be egg #3 going on age of eggs at hatchings)

Friday 29th May

Egg #1 hatches. Chick first seen 9.48am (39days 18hrs when seen, though exact time of hatching not known)

Saturday 30th May

Egg #2 hatches. As with egg #1, chick first seen 9.48am (37days 23hrs when seen, exact time of hatching not known)

Friday 5th June

Egg #4 hatches 10.51am (37days)

Sunday 7th June

Chick #3, having appeared weak since hatching on Friday then further compromised by exposure to bad weather on Saturday, is observed to be motionless. The chick's body is last seen on the nest around 5pm

See:   Update on Chick 3   and   Sad news about Chick 3

Monday 6th July


Chick #1 (F) (38 days)

Darvic ring right leg, Blue/white VS
BTO ring left leg   No: 1174470
Wing: 333mm    Weight: 1880g

Chick #2 (F) (37 days)

Darvic ring right leg, Blue/white VM
BTO ring left leg   No: 1174471
Wing: 338mm    Weight: 1750g

See:    Ringing at Nest 2 

Wednesday 22nd July

Blue VS fledges 2.52pm (54days) then Blue VM follows suit at 3.25pm (53days)

Monday 24th August

Mrs 37 last seen

Sunday 30th August

Blue VS last seen late afternoon (93 days)

Tuesday 1st September

Blue VM and Yellow 37 still present.

Unfortunately, no further webcam footage since this date