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Saturday 7th April

White YA returns at 3.36pm

Monday 9th April

Mrs YA returns at 4.31pm

Tuesday 24th April

Egg #1 laid overnight

Thursday 26th April

Egg #2 laid 1.23pm

Sunday 29th April

Egg #3 laid 10.33am

Friday 1st June

Chick #1 hatches, 12.17pm, then Chick #2 hatches 5.15pm

Monday 4th June

Chick #3 first seen after 8.00am

Wednesday 11th July


Chick #1 - Broomlee  (M) (40 days)
Darvic ring right leg, Blue/White 223
BTO ring left leg
Weight: 1550g

Chick #2 - Byrness  (F) (40 days)
Darvic ring right leg, Blue/White 221
BTO ring left leg
Weight: 1600g

Chick #3 - Binky  (F) (38 days)
Darvic ring right leg, Blue/White 222
BTO ring left leg
Weight: 1610g

Monday 23rd July

When webcam streaming starts this morning Broomlee is not on the nest. He had been confidently helicoptering yesterday so presumed fledged (52 days)

Tuesday 24th July

Byrness fledges, 1.27pm (53 days)

Broomlee still not returned

Wednesday 25th July

Broomlee arrives safely back on nest at 5.39pm

Monday 30th July

Binky fledges, 8.22am (56 days)

Friday 24th August

Mrs YA last seen

Saturday 25th August

Broomlee last seen (85 days)

Monday 3rd September

Byrness (94 days) and Binky (91 days) last seen

Sunday 15th September

White YA was previously seen late afternoon on 5th September and was thought to have since migrated. However, this afternoon he arrives back on the nest with a large fish

Monday 17th September

White YA last seen